Best of the airport “Kobe airport” in Kansai area. Recommended for family

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Flying in an unfamiliar place can be unnerving. 
Kobe Airport that is recommended airport for family in Kansai.
The Kobe Airport is refined without waste, and Kobe Airport boasts the highest number of aircraft landings and passengers among all regional airports.

Here we will dissect Kobe Airport thoroughly and help you travel with your family comfortably.

Recommended points of Kobe Airport

  • Best costumed airlines “Solaseed Air” and “Skymark” are in service.
  • Parking lot is directly connected to the terminal. Cheap parking.
  • Compact terminal, Minimal transportation.
  • Enjoy the miniature life exhibition.
  • Many great spots for children to pass the time.

5 Reasons Why Kobe Airport is Recommended for Travelers with family


There were various opinions about Kobe Airport when it was opened.
Some people wondered why we needed Kobe Airport when we already had Itami Airport and Kansai International Airport in Kansai.
I was one of those who thought so.

However, when I actually used the airport, I realized that it is the most user-friendly airport in Kansai and that Kobe Airport is the best choice for families with children.

First of all, 5 reasons why Kobe Airport is the best choice for families with family.

Point 1: The most cost-effective Solaseed Air and Skymark are in service


Skymark Airlines and Solaseed Air offer the best service in terms of cost performance.
Skymark, in particular, has positioned Kobe Airport as its “Kansai hub” and boasts an overwhelming arrival and departure rate in Kobe Airport as its hub.

Although Solaseed Air code-shares with ANA, it achieves the same cost performance as Skymark and even surpasses Skymark during bargain sales.
Solaseed Air is the best airline for families with children, for whom ANA is too expensive.
Solaseed Air is recommended for families with children, as it combines the largest seat space in the industry with excellent cost performance.
If you aim for a bargain sale, 5,000 JPY per person is not a dream.

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Point 2: Parking is directly connected to the terminal, and inexpensive


One of the greatest features of Kobe Airport is its proximity to the terminal from the parking lot and low parking fees.
The Port Liner, which leaves from downtown Kobe’s Sannomiya district, is also directly connected to the terminal, making it very convenient.

Parking directly connected to the terminal


As you can see from the above photo, the parking lot is directly connected to the airport terminal.
For people with children, traveling to the airport should be as easy as possible by car.
It is attractive to be able to leave the car behind and walk right to the airport.


As you can see from the above photo, the parking lot is directly connected to the airport terminal.
For people with children, traveling to the airport should be as easy as possible by car.
It is attractive to be able to leave the car behind and walk right to the airport.

After all, parking is cheap!

With a passenger discount, the 2,040 yen for 3 nights and 4 days is out of the norm for an airport parking lot. Compared to the three Kansai airports, Itami Airport and Kansai International Airport, this low parking fee is unparalleled.

Point 3: Compact terminal interior! Minimal movement


In front of you is the security checkpoint, to the left is the ANA check-in counter, to the right is the Skymark check-in counter, and behind you is the Portliner gate and entrance.

The compactness of the airport is unique to Kobe Airport, where everything you need is just a few meters away.

This compactness is the best layout for families with children, as there is no need to go right and left in the terminal.

Point 4: Enjoy the “MINIATURE LIFE × KOBE AIRPORT” Miniature Life Exhibition


Visitors can enjoy “Miniature Life,” a new spot at Kobe Airport.

A permanent museum by Tatsuya Tanaka, a miniature photographer and sightseeing artist, opened in Kobe Airport on September 30, 2022.
You will lose track of time with the miniatures that you can’t help but photograph and look at. Be careful not to miss your flight.

The giant broccoli in the rooftop garden is also a must-see photo spot for families with children, who can feel like they have become miniature versions of themselves.


Point 5: Many spots ideal for children to pass the time.

Kobe Airport has a realistic flight simulator and a rooftop garden where you can watch takeoffs and landings from a close distance.

Just looking at the airplanes from the rooftop garden is enough to pass the time in no time at all.

Virtual Kobe Airport Tour!

First, go to Kobe Airport Terminal


When you arrive at the airport, enter the terminal as soon as possible.
If you are coming by car, don’t forget to bring your parking ticket with you, as you will receive a discount on your boarding pass.

When you enter the entrance, take the escalator on the left to the 2nd floor.

Skymark is on the right, ANA is on the left, and the security checkpoint is in front.


Looking from the front, Skymark is on the right, ANA on the left, and the security checkpoint in front. As written on the floor below, the check-in counter is simple, so you won’t get lost. (Sorry for the lack of visibility.)

Left hand: ANA, AIR DO, Solaseed Air
Right hand: Skymark, FDA

Behind this is the connecting entrance to the Portliner station, and if you come through the connecting entrance by train, you will come out here first.


Souvenir shop on the right hand Skymark side

On the right side of the Skymark check-in counter, there is a souvenir shop divided into north and south sections.
If you want to buy souvenirs, it is recommended to do so here.

Family Mart on the ANA side on the left

There is a FamilyMart on the left side of the ANA check-in counter.
The restrooms on this floor are also located on this side of the building, so please use the restrooms here early.

Check in/check baggage and enjoy the airport before security check

Check-in procedures and baggage check-in should be completed quickly, and you should be ready to go through security checkpoints.

To get to 3F/4F, take the escalator on the right in front of the building.


Use this escalator to go up to the 3rd/4th floor.
There is a large signboard on the escalator, so use it as a landmark to get to the top.

Restaurant on the 3rd floor

There is a Western-style restaurant and an udon shop.
If you are hungry, finish your meal here.

In my case, I was almost late for boarding because I was so engrossed in udon with my child, so be sure to enjoy your meal while watching the time so as not to be late for boarding.

Petit miniature life space on 3F

There is a space where you can enjoy a petit miniature life in collaboration with various companies on the landing (Sky Court) as you come up to the 3rd floor.
You can feel miniatures even before going to the permanent exhibition on the 4th floor.

Flight simulator on the 3rd floor


There is a real flight simulator that looks a little difficult.
If you are interested, please give it a try.

Ueshima Coffee Shop is also located on the 3rd floor.


There is also an Ueshima Coffee Shop, where you can enjoy a cup of tea if you need a break.

4th floor overlooks the runway from the rooftop garden

The rooftop overlooks the runway.
This is one of the best parts of the airport, and even if you are not boarding, just looking at the space is an exciting experience.

Broccoli in the rooftop garden on the 4th floor.


There is also broccoli as an eye-catcher, so take a commemorative photo.

Miniature Life Exhibition on the 4th floor is a great way to pass the time.

There is a permanent exhibit of miniature life on the 4th floor, so pass the time here.
The Kobe Zone also has a counter space facing the runway, which is ideal for killing time while watching airplanes.

The exhibition space is divided into two zones: the Airport Zone on the right side facing the runway and the Kobe Zone on the left side.
The centerpiece broccoli sits in the center of the rooftop garden.


Kobe Airport Location, Access

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